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And here. We. GO! #iftheydontknowaboutus #theygonnaknowaboutus #youcantstopme #mbk #mbksports #NFL #NFLPA #ContractAdvisor #Agent #prayBIG #askBIG

Humble n Starving

Down for whatever as long as you're with me | NK


Ehhh grind time!

Same battle ground, same grind almost a decade later. The only different is that you're in the NFL now. 335lbs of Canadian beef on the move.#HoustonTexans #GSQUAD #Theprocess #TheVision @gravitytrain

We clean up nice!

Congratulations to client and former #Noles OL Kareem Are, @BossDon_72, for inking a deal with the #Raiders!

Happy 4th! GBR!

Happy 23rd birthday Nate! Keep grinding in Indy and have a blessed day! #mbkfamily

I'm staying light on my toes

Blessed to see another year

Rookie cooking contest


A very special shoutout to @jwesterkamp1!

Got some great sprint work. If you're in the riverside area or anywhere in the IE, and want some real training, come check out @animal_house_fitness . ✊

Behind the scenes felt good today finally throwing on that jersey...2️⃣7️⃣ #coltsnation

I can't make this up... As soon as I got out there some kid that was paddle boarding crashed into me (he fled the scene). I immediately fell out of my kayak (Thank God for the life vest) and couldn't get back on (it was flipped over upside down) I immediately began to panic when I realized I couldn't get back on the kayak. I had to attempt to "swim" back to shore with one hand on the kayak (it was a rental had to bring it back wasn't trying to take that charge even if it costed me my life) and the other hand clutching my life vest...this will be the last time I ever go kayaking again. #alwayswearprotection #lifejacketssavelives

Coming to an end zone near you. #WeAreTexans

I'll be fighting again at the end of the summer. I have been taking my time, training my ass off. Idiots think I'm candy. Gonna find out I'm a jawbreaker


23 years and counting ✊

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Eugene Lee is one of the most honest, open & generous people in this business… he’s everything you’d want in a human, let alone an agent.

Morgan SpurlockDirector - ESPN’s “The Dotted Line”